High Rigidity Design

  • Machine base is made of one piece casting.
  • The spindle headstock is made of one piece “FCD600” castings.
  • Stepped castings design on X-axis to increase the cutting rigidity.
  • The pallet is also made of “FCD600”casting to eliminate possible deformation caused by heavy payload.
  • Structure of the machine column is dual-wall and symmetrical designed to virtually eliminate possible thermal deformation.
  • Machine main component connection part 100% Hand-scraping to make sure long term cutting accuracy.

Powerful IDD Spindle

  • The powerful spindle utilizes ultra high precision ceramic ball bearings.
  • High efficiency spindle oil cooler system effectively minimizes thermal deformation, ensuring high precision.
  • Maximum 15,000 rpm
  • 22 kW and 200 Nm torque is suitable for any cutting condition.
  • BB40 with simultaneous taper and flange contact design provide higher machining accuracy, which can improve spindle & tool’s life.

High Capacity Machining Space

  • ø750 mm x 1,000 mm large working envelope table and max. load capacity reach to 500 kg each.
  • Customer may order machine with 400 mm and 500 mm pallets.
  • It allows to run machine with both 400 mm and 500 mm pallets in the same machine.

B-axis Rotary Table

  • 1° programmable.
  • Powerful 3,500 Nm clamping force.
  • Air sensors confirm the pallets are accurately positioned and seated.

Reliable Auto Pallet Change

  • 7 seconds pallet change.
  • Driven by hydraulic.
  • Simple design, reliable and easy maintenance.

Reliable Auto Tool Change

  • It takes 1 second to complete one cycle of tool to tool change.
  • ATC speed is programmable in high & low speed.
  • Servo motor drive tool magazine, which have the features of high precision and find tool quickly.
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Lucas WFC 10
Lucas WFC 10

Table Type Horizontal Boring Machine

WFC 10 CNC is a model specifically designed for the manufacturers that do not require machining of large work pieces.

  • The spindle diameter of this mill is 100 mm l 3.94″. It is also possible to order the machine with 110 mml 4.33″ spindle diameter.
  • This model is the smallest horizontal boring machine from Fermat‘s product line.
  • Suitable for machining of work pieces up to 3000 kg l 6614 lb.
  • Fixed column and perpendicularly moveable rotary table base
  • Combination of an operator friendly system and high cutting performance
  • Its low cost makes the WFC 10 CNC a very popular model with prospective customers.
  • large variety of machining accessories that can be utilized on the WFC 10 mode


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Lucas WF 13R/15R Floor Type
Lucas WF 13R/15R Floor Type

WF 13 R/15 R CNC – Floor Type Horizontal Boring Machine

  • Fermat’s WF 13 floor mill incorporates the newest technological advances available on the machine tool market place.
  • A Floor type horizontal boring mill WF type is designed for precise and highly efficient coordinate boring, drilling, milling, and cutting of threads of big and heavy work pieces up from cast iron, cast steel and steel.
  • WF has a wide range of accessories can be added that considerably enhance the machine’s versatility.
  • The WF 13 is equipped with a powerful headstock capable of high axial forces for machining large or small work pieces alike. It is equipped with a live spindle with travel 730 mm and additional ram travel of 700 mm can also be incorporated.
  • The CNC rotary table is capable of precise circular interpolation.
  • Designed for even the most problematic machining situations due to its rigid design, and the precise machining capabilities.
  • The bed designed to absorb the maximum amount of vibrations that are created during cutting. It features heavy duty linear guideways.
  • The machine can be equipped with floor plates and/or rotary table(s) according to machining requirements.
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Lucas WRF 130/150/160 Floor Type
Lucas WRF 130/150/160 Floor Type

WRF 130/150/160 CNC – Floor Type Horizontal Boring Machine

  • Newest concept and technology of floor-type horizontal boring mills currently on the global marketplace.
  • Its powerful headstock consists of a movable slide ram (Z-axis) and a moveable live spindle (W-axis).
  • Excellent circular interpolation accuracy and high precision of the additional CNC Rotary Table.
  • The column travels in the X-axis from 2400 to 28 100 mm l 94.49″ -1 106″
  • The headstock travel can be from 2 000 mm to 6 000mm l 78.74″ – 236.22″
  • The ram travel of: 900 mm to 1200 mm l 35.43″-74.24″.
  • We can tailor the machine to be suitable and specific for your production by the use of different and complimentary accessories.
  • A machine with a 1 550 mm ram stroke.
  • This machine comes equipped with either a stepless universal automatic milling head (UHAmi) or a 2.5°automatic milling head
  • Allows for heavy chip removal thanks to its powerful headstock and robust column.
  • WRF Mill can be outfitted with a rotary table of various sizes and load capacity or floor plates.
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Lucas WFT 11 Table Type
Lucas WFT 11 Table Type

WFT 11 CNC – Table Type Horizontal Boring Machine

  • With its 110 mm l 4.33″ spindle diameter the machine is able to cut deeply into workpieces without being too wide.
  • T-shaped axis structure and outstanding precision positioning rotary table.
  • All major machine components are made of grey cast iron and stabilized through annealing.
  • The rotary table is able to withstand loads up to 8 000 kg l 176 36 lb.
  • With the use of two pinions operating in a master-slave function, the table design has proven to be one of the most accurate tables in its class.
  • Use of special accessories such as the automatic tool changer, milling and facing heads fulfils the potential of this machine design
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Lucas WFT 13 / 13R- Table Type
Lucas WFT 13 / 13R- Table Type

WFT 13R/ 13R CNC Table Type Horizontal Boring Machine

  • Universal, convenient and user-friendly machine tool for precise milling as well as coordinated boring and cutting of complicated work pieces up to 20 000 kg l 44 092 lb.
  • Powerful headstock, high axial forces, and the most precise table in its category.
  • The machine is available in a basic configuration, as well as accompanied by a variety of accessories and modifications.
  • WFT 13 CNC is the general favorite with exports to more than 40 countries worldwide.
  • A long history of production and superior quality components along with satisfied customers are the standards we reflect.
  • The WFT 13 R CNC is an innovative machine design due to the traveling ram.
  • Digitally controlled AC servomotors for all CNCs can control 5 or more axes position data of the machine at the same time.
  • The automatic pallet system has 2 to 5 pallet shuttle system.
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Lucas WRF 160 Heavy – Floor Type
Lucas WRF 160 Heavy – Floor Type

WRF 160 Heavy – Floor Type Horizontal Boring Machine

WRF 160 Heavy- is an extremely sturdy execution of our floor type boring mill representing the newest concept and technologies available for floor-type horizontal boring mills currently available on the global marketplace.

With excellent accuracy of circular interpolation and a very precise design of the additional CNC Rotary Table with a maximum load up to 80 000 kg l 176 370 lb., heavier work pieces can be clamped on floor plates or specially designed tables.

  • Designed with a Cross-Ribbed fabricated Column
  • A ram stroke of 1500 mm l 69.06″
  • A spindle stroke of 1 000 mm l 39.37”, and a 160 mm l 6.30″ spindle diameter
  • Two ball screws on the column with 100 mm l 3.94″diameter and a hydraulic cylinder for compensation of weight of the headstock.
  • The headstock is on 6 box ways with 2 linear guide ways on the left side to provide rigid and precise positioning.
  • The linear movement is performed on Hydrostatic ways.
  • The spread of one guide way is 450 mm l 17.71″ which allows substantial support and rigidity for the machine.
  • Fully integrated modular designs, including X-travel from 2 400 mm to 28 100 mm l 3.94″l 94.29″ -1 106″, Y-axis travel from 2 000 mm to 8 000 mm l 78.74″-314.96″
  • All variations of this model are available with a variety of attachments, tables and floor plates.
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Lucas WRFT 130/150/160 – Table Type
Lucas WRFT 130/150/160 – Table Type

WRFT 130/150/160 CNC – Table Type Horizontal Boring Machine

WRFT 130/150/160 CNC is a universal boring and milling machine that allows efficient processing of large and heavy work pieces while utilizing high precision and quality of operation.

  • Largest table type horizontal borers produced by Fermat.
  • Powerful milling and drilling capacity, even at the top of Y-axis stroke
  • Higher precision than other machines available on the market.
  • Powerful headstock consists of a movable slide ram (V-axis) and a moveable live spindle (W-axis).
  • Additional optional accessories increases the number of controlled axes.
  • During the metal processing, the column of the machine provides a Z-axis movement and the work pieces are clamped on the rotary table that travels on the X-axis.
  • The standard configuration provides linear ways for all axis slides.
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