Chevalier FMG-B1224
Chevalier FMG-B1224

Traveling Column Grinder

  • Chevalier’s R&D team used precision analysis to design a rigid machine structure that incorporates a traveling column to effectively improve stability for high grinding efficiency and reliable machining accuracy.
  • To prevent vibration and ensure machining accuracy, the high-strength rigid design is built to withstand the maximum force caused by deformation.
  • By analyzing processing requirements and experience, we optimized the machine’s structural integrity to ensure high performance.
  • The SMART iControl’s conversational programming eliminates complicated programming codes and computing force enhances the HMI (Human Machine Interface) for greater precision.
  • The FMG-B1224 easily adapts to future needs for job shops, medical, automotive, semiconductor and aerospace.
  • FMG-B1224 offers more value for your investment.
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