I was just going to send you a note to thank you guys for your quick response to our problem and getting it straightened out. We really appreciate the effort getting one of our busiest machines back up and running and it seems to be working just fine.

Barrett Machine - Winchester, VA

I would like to thank Dominion Air for its outstanding effort to resolve the issue on our air dryer. I would especially like to thank Nick Mason for his outstanding effort, as always, to fix the issue in a safe and efficient manor. This is why Norfolk Southern has chosen Dominion Air as our premier vendor on air compressors.

Norfolk Southern - Norfolk, VA

We had a need to replace a 50HP rotary air compressor. We contacted Dominion Air & Machinery, and it was decided that we would do a 10-day airflow test on our present system. Since our business demands had changed, we were concerned we may not need a 50HP air compressor. We elected to go with two 10HP Kaeser Screw Compressors, using our old 240 gallon tank with a new 400 gallon tank. We have been operating the system for one year with approximately 2,500 hours on each compressor. I might note that we have noticed an electric savings over our other system of approximately $350 to $400 per month. We are well pleased with the application and any time we have concerns or questions, Dominion Air has responded to us promptly. We would welcome anyone to visit our shop and view our application.

Harvey’s Chevrolet - Radford, VA

We are very appreciative of the Dominion Air Compressor Station at Black Dog Salvage. It’s an impressive piece of equipment and outperforms our old setup in every way. We look forward to doing business with Dominion Air & Machinery Company in the future.

Black Dog Salvage - Roanoke, VA

Thanks again, we love the compressor here at Burton Center.  Our electric bill has dropped significantly, and the water filters in the shops have been bone dry!  We are MORE than satisfied!

Roanoke County Schools - Roanoke, VA