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Steel Fab Tanks

Dominion Air & Machinery stocks Steel Fab Tanks up to 400 gallons.

Steel Fab is among the largest manufacturers of ASME air receivers in North America. They are a key supplier to most major compressor OEMs and compressor distributors. Their facility has multiple production lines dedicated to pressure vessels ranging from 10” to 72” diameter. They carry a large inventory of standard commercial and industrial air receivers for immediate shipment.

In addition to providing standard product, Steel Fab has been fabricating custom vessels since 1933. They have many work stations capable of manufacturing custom products up to 144” in diameter.

• Efficient Line Production
• On site Powder Coating
• Central Geographic Location
• Major support for Compressed Air OEMs
• Multiple stocking locations for standard air receivers (USA & Canada)
• Precision Laser Cutting
• Computer Radiography
• Various finishing options including galvanizing
• All standard air receivers have CRN
• Fabrication to ABS and USCG standards
• ASME and SELO (China) certified