Turning centers prototrak


Hardened Box Ways on a Solid Casting provide increased rigidity, better damping, and less vibration for all purpose heavy duty cutting.

12-Station Bolt-On Turret for 0.75″ tooling with hydraulic locking system provides a reliable, precise interface between the machine, the tool and the work piece.

Coolant Through Turret efficiently dissipates chips and heat during machining. This greatly enhances cutting performance, accuracy, surface finish and tool life.

Manual Tailstock with Hydraulic Quill provides additional support for longer workpieces. Quill stroke of 4.13″ with MT4 taper.

4,000 RPM Spindle with 2.56″ Bar Capacity provides high axial thrust and generates minimal heat. It uses four P4 class angular bearings for optimal support and rigidity.

Tool Setting Arm and Probe with user-friendly interface for fast and reliable tool setup.

Direct Drive on X and Z Axes provide a rigid connection between the motor and the ballscrew for optimum servo control. This enhances accuracy and eliminates backlash.

Automatic Lubrication controlled by the CNC system monitors and distributes oil to the box ways and ballscrews to ensure all critical components are always lubricated with the correct amount of oil.

Standard Coolant System features a 20-gallon tank and pump providing coolant through tool @ 30 psi. High-pressure coolant option also available.

SIMOTICS M-1PH8 Asynchronous Induction Spindle Motor with 14.75 HP continuous — capable of handling extreme duty cycles and short rise times.

Chip Conveyor features an internal collection and side discharge system with a high rate of material removal. Chip cart is optional.

High Performance Servo Motors with excellent positioning accuracy.

Other Standard Features:

  • Small footprint and generous 8.66″ maximum turned diameter and 20″ maximum turned length.
  • Heavy Machine Tool Construction provides mass for rigidity and heavy cuts.
  • Solid Casting for vibration absorption and rigidity.
  • Precision Ground Ballscrews
  • Guarding on All Axes to protect the castings, ballscrews and drivetrain systems.
  • 7.88″ Hydraulic 3 Jaw Chuck for A2-6 spindle nose
  • 787 IPM Feedrate on Z-Axis and 590 IPM Feedrate on X-Axis with aggressive acceleration and jerk control for ultra-fast positioning and reduced cycle times.
  • Absolute Position Encoders to eliminate homing and enhance precision.
  • Fine Chip Strainer has a metal screen with 1.7 mm openings to prevent large chips from clogging the coolant pumps.
  • Large Single Front Door with large viewing window for easy access and integration with automation.
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