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High Rigidity Design

  • Machine base is made of one piece casting.
  • The spindle headstock is made of one piece “FCD600” castings.
  • Stepped castings design on X-axis to increase the cutting rigidity.
  • The pallet is also made of “FCD600”casting to eliminate possible deformation caused by heavy payload.
  • Structure of the machine column is dual-wall and symmetrical designed to virtually eliminate possible thermal deformation.
  • Machine main component connection part 100% Hand-scraping to make sure long term cutting accuracy.

Powerful IDD Spindle

  • The powerful spindle utilizes ultra high precision ceramic ball bearings.
  • High efficiency spindle oil cooler system effectively minimizes thermal deformation, ensuring high precision.
  • Maximum 15,000 rpm
  • 22 kW and 200 Nm torque is suitable for any cutting condition.
  • BB40 with simultaneous taper and flange contact design provide higher machining accuracy, which can improve spindle & tool’s life.

High Capacity Machining Space

  • ø750 mm x 1,000 mm large working envelope table and max. load capacity reach to 500 kg each.
  • Customer may order machine with 400 mm and 500 mm pallets.
  • It allows to run machine with both 400 mm and 500 mm pallets in the same machine.

B-axis Rotary Table

  • 1° programmable.
  • Powerful 3,500 Nm clamping force.
  • Air sensors confirm the pallets are accurately positioned and seated.

Reliable Auto Pallet Change

  • 7 seconds pallet change.
  • Driven by hydraulic.
  • Simple design, reliable and easy maintenance.

Reliable Auto Tool Change

  • It takes 1 second to complete one cycle of tool to tool change.
  • ATC speed is programmable in high & low speed.
  • Servo motor drive tool magazine, which have the features of high precision and find tool quickly.
Table Cross Travel - X (in)55.1278.74118.1178.74118.1178.74118.1194.49
Headstock Travel - Y (in)47.2470.8770.8782.6782.6782.6782.6782.68
Table Longitudinal Travel - Z (in)43.3166.9366.9359.0559.0559.0559.0559.06
Table Size (in)44.09 x 49.2156.69 x 62.9956.69 x 66.9356.6956.69 x 62.9956.69 x 62.9955.69 x 62.9978.74 x 70.87
Table Load (lb)8,81913,88913,88917,60017,63717,60017,60022,046
Spindle Stroke - W (in)19.6919.6921.6519.6919.6919.6919.6935.43
Spindle Diameter (in)4.334.334.334.334.334.334.335.31
Spindle Speed (rpm)2,5002,5002,5002,5002,5002,5002,5001,500
Spindle HP3535353535353535