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  • Table Size: 35.43″ x 19.69″
  • Travel (x, y, z): 30″ x 20″ x 20″
  • Footprint: 144″ x 112″
  • Horsepower: 41.5/20

Standard Features:

  • SINUMERIK ONE CNC by Siemens
  • 24-Station Tool MagazineDual Arm Tool Changer
  • Advanced 12,000 RPM Spindle with Hybrid Ceramic Bearings
  • Linear Roller Bearing Slides on All Axes
  • Coolant Through Spindle (CTS)
  • and many more…
Machine Specs
Table size35.43″ x 19.69″
Travel (X, Y, Z axis)30″ x 20″ x 20″
Travel (X, Y, Z axis) with soft limits30.16″ x 20.24″ x 20.24″
Rapid traverse X, Y, Z1,000 IPM
Cutting max. speed X, Y, Z1,000 IPM
T-slots (number x width x pitch)5 x .709″ x 3.937″
Maximum weight of workpiece1,230 lbs
Height of table from bottom of floor***38″
Min. spindle nose to table distance ****3.5″
Max. spindle nose to table distance ****23.50″
Distance of ATC arm to table20″
Min. machine height ***93.5″
Max. machine height (head all the way up) ***108″
Overall width of machine with side doors open and chip conveyor (no chip bin)177″
Overall length of machine with electrical cabinet fully open 180°150.25″
Footprint of machine with chip conveyor & coolant tank in place. Pendant not rotated 90° (width x length)144″ x 112″
Weight net / shipping8,360 lbs / 8,710 lbs
Spindle Specs
Spindle taper40 Taper
Spindle speed range10 - 12,000 RPM
Spindle nose diameter3″
Tool clamping force (90 psi)1,500 lbs
Tool holder typeCAT 40 standard
BT 40 optional (must change ATC arm)
ATC tool capacity24
Maximum tool weight (incl. holder)17.6 lbs
Maximum tool diameter3.07″
ATC arm tool change time2.5 seconds
Spindle motor HP - peak41.5 HP
Spindle motor HP - continuous (480V)20.1 HP
Spindle center to spindle head casting face18.25″
Spindle cooler oil capacity~1 gallon
Power Requirements
Power requirements - standard480V (432-528V is acceptable), 3P, 41A
Power requirements - optional208V with transformer option (200-240V is acceptable), 3P, 94A
Coolant System
Tank capacity60 gallons
Pressure and volume8.7 gpm @ 42 psi
Pump and wash power750 watts
Coolant wash pump750 watts
CTS pump (Coolant Through Spindle)3 KW / 4 HP
CTS pressure319 psi
Air Requirements
Air - CFM, SCFM (at 90 PSI)2.5 CFM, 18 SCFM
Air qualityAir dried/water separator upstream of VMC
Lubrication Requirements
Lubrication pump capacity2 liters
Lube Oil TypeISO 32 or 10 W

Specifications subject to change.

** Must remove ATC motors and all sheet metal attached to top of electrical cabinet. The cable way for Z axis also needs to be removed. The lifting point on the electrical cabinet is now the highest point.

*** Height changes slightly based on how machine is leveled on leveling screws.

**** Can vary slightly due to soft limit settings.

Linear Roller Bearing Slides on All Axes

For high-precision, high-performance applications, linear roller bearing slides provide superior vibration

absorption due to enhanced slideway stiffness and large bearing contact area.


Heavy machine tool construction provides mass for rigidity and heavy cuts.


Solid Meehanite® ribbed casting for vibration absorption and rigidity.


24-station Tool Magazine features bi-directional, preselecting random tool changes and will accommodate

tools up to 11.8” in length.


TRAK VMCsi dual arm tool changer

Dual Arm Style Automatic Tool Changer pre-stages the next tool for a 2.5 seconds tool-to-tool change.


Steel concertina guards on all axes to protect the castings, slides and precision ground ballscrews.


Direct drive on three axes provides a rigid connection between the motor and the ballscrew for optimum

servo control. This enhances accuracy and eliminates backlash.


Pretensioned ballscrews to compensate for thermal expansion.

Automatic lubrication controlled by the CNC system that monitors and distributes oil to the guideways

and ballscrews to ensure all critical components are lubricated with the correct amount of oil at all times.


VMCsi Coolant Through Spindle (CTS)

Coolant Through Spindle (CTS) delivered at high pressure efficiently dissipates chips and heat from pockets

and holes during machining. This greatly enhances cutting performance, accuracy, surface finish and tool life.


Coolant System - VMCsi

Coolant system features two 1HP pumps one each for chip washdown and spindle coolant; and one 4HP pump for the

Coolant Through Spindle feature.


High-capacity coolant tanks 60 gallons for the VMC7si.


Fine chip strainer has a stainless-steel metal screen with 0.7 mm x 0.7 mm openings to prevent large chips

from clogging the coolant pumps.


TRAK VMCsi chip conveyor

Chip Conveyor features a rear collection and side discharge system with a high rate of material removal.


Spindle air blast to remove contamination from the spindle and tooling during tool changes.


VMCsi spindle oil cooler

Independent spindle oil cooling system to minimize temperature rise in the spindle by maintaining optimal

temperature. (VMC7si and VMC10si only)


VMCsi spindle oil chiller

Spindle oil chilling system to minimize temperature rise in the spindle by maintaining optimal temperature. (VMC12si and VMC14si only)


VMC7si front door

Large single front and side doors allow for easy access and integration with automation.

TRAK VMCsi 12,000 RPM spindle

Advanced 12,000 RPM Royal® Spindle provides high axial thrust and generates minimum heat. It uses four P4

class angular contact bearings for optimal spindle support and rigidity. The labyrinth sealed design on the

spindle nose prevents fine particle contamination during machining and being pressurized to 1 bar it also

stops coolant ingress.


Hybrid Ceramic Bearings in the spindle are smoother and more precise than steel bearings, generating less

friction and heat. These bearings require 40% less lubrication and have a longer life because they do not

corrode or conduct electricity – a common cause of pitting and failure in steel bearings.


1,000 IPM feedrate with aggressive acceleration and jerk control for ultra-fast positioning and reduced cycle times.


Absolute position encoders to eliminate homing and enhance precision.