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Takamaz XC-100

Only 1,150 mm machine width Ultra-Compact Design

The machine is a slim design with width of only 1,150mm and still comes with a 120mm stroke X-Axis and 230mm stroke Z-Axis. Even with a slim width, it is still designed with 450mm door opening. The machine accessories are placed in front or in accessible locations on the machine as emphasis to routine maintenance.


High Precision Structure
The X-Axis has a pre-tensioned structure. As a result, dimensional variation due to thermal displacement is suppressed and a design with stable machining accuracy is achieved. In addition, the X-axis slide is made larger resulting to a more robust slide. Furthermore, to find a flawless countermeasure for thermal displacement, thermal displacement phenomenon is analyzed by computer achieving excellent thermal stability. Repeatability test for 8 hours shows change of φ5 microns and only φ3 microns after 1-hour machine stop. (Based on TAKAMAZ designated cutting condition)

Improved Chip Discharge
Compared to the previous model, this machine has a bigger interior chip drop chute opening by 2.2 times in addition to the steep angle of bed chute. The chip discharge is excellent. By attaching rear chip conveyor (option), stoppages as a result of chip nesting on the interior bed is prevented.

Environmentally Friendly Energy Saving Design
As compared to the previous model, the spindle motor is upgraded to AC7.5/5.5kW but has much faster spindle acceleration and deceleration time. This contributes to power saving. The weight reduction for resource conservation and LED light adoption are contributing factors for power-saving and environmentally friendly structure.

Increased Operation Efficiency through Fully Loaded Features
Safety program check done in advance with “Manual Handle Retrace Function”, retrieving data loss with “Automatic Data Backup Capabilities,” and “Counter Function” are some of the added features to improve maintenance, operation and ease of use.