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QUASER MV204 / MV205

The MV2 series offers a wide line-up of machines with X axes travels of 1,270 mm (50 inch) to 2,040 mm (80 inch) and various spindle speeds and drive configurations to allow the user to machine a wide range of workpieces.
To meet different processing needs, we offer a variety of machine and control specifications to choose from. In addition, the user-friendly control panel design has improved the customers operating convenience.

Technical DataMV204MV205
Work Range
Table Size1,400 x 700 mm (55.1" x 27.6")1,400 x 700 mm (55.1" x 27.6")
Travel X1,270 mm (50.0")1,270 mm (50.0")
Travel Y700 mm (27.6")700 mm (27.6")
Travel Z610 mm (24.0")610 mm (24.0")
Table Load Capacity1,800 kg (3,968 lbs)1,800 kg (3,968 lbs)
Main Spindle
Spindle Taper40 taper50 taper
Max. Spindle Speed9K ~ 20K7.5K ~ 15K
Tool Changer
Magazine Positions30 (std.)30 (std.)
Max. Tool Diameter76.2 mm (3")125 mm (4.9")
Max. Tool Dia. Due to Neighbor Pots Are Empty125 mm (4.9")200 mm (7.9")
Max. Tool Length280 mm (11.0")350 mm (13.8")