Intelligent Machining Function

The U-600 employs anti-chatter technology of “Chatter Lobe” program, which predicts and prevents occurrence of chatter during machining.  Users need to simply input parameters into Chatter Lobe, and then possible chatter and corresponding adjustment of cutting conditions will be provided.

5-axis Machining Feature: (Patent: M437221)

Different from general BC-type, the U-600 is designed as AC type for extensive machining capacity that allows workpiece diameter larger than axis travel. Additionally, such configuration is in favor for view and access.

Wide Operation Area (Patent: M436520)

The operation area is defined with 2 sliding doors with wide open space. The user is allowed to operate from 2 directions for easy operation and clear monitoring on the workpiece. This design is also in favor for loading/unloading, featuring excellent access.

One-piece Base-Column

The base and column are structured as one-piece casting, which eliminates possible tolerance of the jointing interfaces. The tool magazine is directed mounted onto this one-piece structure so that torque twist is decreased and stability increased. Box-structure casting and optimal span realize exceptional rigidity and stability.  Large hole on the back offers convenience for assembling and maintenance.

3 Overlapped Axes with 2 Rotating Axes

Axes of linear movement and rotation are separated so that during 5-axis machining, curve tolerance or error can be controlled and adjusted rather easily.

A/C axes Tilting Rotary TableWorm shaft and gear
X-axis Travel mm460
Y-axis Travel mm520
Z-axis Travel mm400
A-Axis rotation angle degree+40°~ -100°
C-Axis rotation angle degree360°
Spindle nose to table surface mm150±5 ~ 550±5
Table surface to floor mm750±5
Table dimension mmØ600
Spindle hole diameterØ60H7
T-slot mm5x14
Max. table load kg250
Working Torque N-mA axis (Tilting axis) 2520
C axis (Rotary axis) 672
Max. rotation speed
A axis (Tilting Axis) minˉ¹
Max. rotation speed
c axis (Rotary Axis) minˉ¹
Min. indexing unit degree±5"
Spindle Speed minˉ¹Direct drive type 10000 rpm (OPT 12000 / 15000 / 18000 rpm)
(Built-in type 24000 rpm)
Spindle taper7/24 Taper No.40
Spindle power kW7.5/11
X axis rapid traverse m/min30
Y axis rapid traverse m/min30
Z axis rapid traverse m/min30
Tool changing time (tool-to-tool) sec7
Tool changerArm type
No. of Tools24 (OPT30 - 40 -60)
Pull studP-40T(45°)
Max. tool weight kg7
Max. tool length mm280
Max. tool diameter mmØ80
Max. tool diameter (no adjacent tool) mmØ150
Floor space mm3850(W)x2350(D)
INE Weight kg8145
Max. machine height mm3000
Power capacity KVA35
Air source bar6-8

*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.