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Cycling Refrigerated Dryers

Models: TA 5 up to TF 251
Flow rate: 20-885 cfm at 100 psig


Compressed air contains water vapor. As this air travels through compressed air piping it cools and the vapor condenses into liquid condensate.  This condensate increases maintenance requirements and affects product quality.

Kaeser Secotec®  dryers condense and remove moisture before it attacks your system.  These reliable dryers feature the energy saving Secotec cycling control.  Secotec dryers operate the refrigerant compressor only when necessary by using a thermal storage medium.  The refrigerant compressor cools the medium to a predetermined temperature and then cuts off, allowing the medium to cool the air and condense the water vapor.

Important features and advantages:

  • Highly efficient Secotec® cycling control with high thermal storage capacity
  • Minimal pressure drop and no prefilter required
  • Highly effective, stainless steel condensate separator
  • “No-loss” electronic condensate drain removes condensate
  • Quick access to all components for easy, low-cost maintenance
  • Durable, industrial-quality control cabinet
  • Easy to read and reliable control panel