Retrofit EMX, KMX, SMX Kits
Retrofit EMX, KMX, SMX Kits
A great productivity investment

The more frugal you are, the more painful it should be to watch your people spend their time unproductively.  The cost of the ProtoTRAK CNC is trivial when compared to the cost of the person standing in front of the machine.  If you are going to keep and use the machine, retrofit it.

Even a machine that has some wear can be a good candidate for a retrofit. Ballscrews will be installed in the table and saddle and electronic machine tool error calibration and backlash compensation routines help maintain accuracy. If the head is in good condition, you probably have a useful machine.

We only retrofit small knee mills and our expertise is honed by twenty years’ experience and over 15,000 successful retrofits. The retrofit kit includes everything: motors, CNC, hardware, ballscrews, fasteners, even the cable ties. It is installed in your shop in about a day by a factory-trained technician. Custom kits for dozens of machines are available in either two or three-axis CNC.

You shouldn’t stop investing in productivity until all your machinists are working as efficiently as possible. Retrofitting can be a cost-effective way for you to reach that goal.

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