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Takamaz XY-2000 Plus

TAKAMAZ’s top compound machining center “XY-2000” has been redesigned. We have developed this specifically to provide larger work diameter, higher-level compound machining, and increased productivity, without changing the floor space. The first spindle is capable of bar work diameters up to a maximum of φ65mm※. Complex milling work is greatly considered with the combination of Y-axis control and rotary tools. This brings to fruition a high-functionality multi-machine capable of bar work and chuck work, expanding the capabilities in the area of lathe machining.

The maximum bar work diameter is φ51mm, standard, and an 8-inch chuck can be mounted on both spindles. In addition, for the first spindle only, it is possible to modify the spindle to handle bar work diameters up to φ65mm.

Along with increased spindle diameter, the spindle motor power is also increased. An AC18.5/15kW motor is mounted for the first spindle while an AC11/7.5kW motor for the second spindle is mounted, making it possible to perform at even higher level of compound machining, and then some.