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Standard Industrial Shears

Standard Industrial Shears
The model AS shear is a 100% U. S. Made hydraulic, true guillotine drive shear with many standard features and an extremely wide variety of options to choose from. The hydraulics and electrics are complete including oil filter, disconnect switch, magnetic starter and control voltage transformer. A set of premium, four edge blades with shock resistant, chrome alloy are standard on all new shears. There is not a more heavy duty, versatile shear manufactured in the U.S.A. or any other country.

Component Availability
As with all Standard Industrial machinery, all hydraulic and electric components are readily available off the shelf from your local suppliers. These components are available today and will be available thirty years from now from such major suppliers like Siemens electrics and Vickers hydraulics. With Standard Industrial you have our substantial 5 year parts warranty and after the warranty you have the luxury of buying locally or from us giving you a lifetime supply of replacement parts that are readily available.

The Bellcrank Linkage System
The model AS is a hydraulic shear with the advantage of full tonnage throughout the stroke, and full tonnage throughout the length of the table during the entire shearing process from start to finish. Our system features a single hydraulic cylinder, this one large bore cylinder powers the bellcrank linkage system. This system has the advantage of a positive, precision mechanical drive coupled with the ease and safety of a hydraulic power plant. There are not multiple cylinders or pivoting swing-beam drives causing distortion. This drive system is how we provide full tonnage along the table and there is no balancing required, just straight tonnage.

 Capacity to Mild Steel/A36Capacity to Stainless SteelShearing Tons# of Hold DownsHold Down ForceWeight
AS250-61/4" x 6'10 ga. x 6'36720 Tons10,000 lbs
AS250-81/4" x 8'10 ga. X 8'36925 Tons11,000 lbs
AS250-101/4" x 10'10 ga. X 10'361131 Tons19,000 lbs
AS250-121/4” x 12’10 ga. X 12'361336 Tons28,000 lbs
AS250-141/4" x 14'10 ga. X 14'361540 Tons36,000 lbs
AS250-161/4" x 16'10 ga. x 16'361745 Tons44,000 lbs
AS250-201/4" x 20'10 ga. x 20'362160 Tons80,000 lbs
AS375-63/8" x 6'1/4" x 6'60725 Tons13,000 lbs
AS375-83/8" x 8'1/4" x 8'60933 Tons15,000 lbs
AS375-103/8" x 10'1/4" x 10'601141 Tons21,000 lbs
AS375-123/8" x 12'1/4" x 12'601348 Tons33,000 lbs
AS375-143/8" x 14'1/4" x 14'601554 Tons44,000 lbs
AS375-163/8" x 16'1/4" x 16'601761 Tons52,000 lbs
AS375-203/8" x 20'1/4" x 20'602175 Tons95,000 lbs
AS500-61/2" x 6'3/8" x 6'90763 Tons19,000 lbs
AS500-81/2" x 8'3/8" x 8'90980 Tons25,000 lbs
AS500-101/2" x 10'3/8" x 10'901199 Tons30,000 lbs
AS500-121/2" x 12'3/8" x 12'9013117 Tons42,000 lbs
AS500-141/2" x 14'3/8" x 14'9015132 Tons52,000 lbs
AS500-161/2" x 16'3/8" x 16'9017150 Tons73,000 lbs
AS500-201/2" x 20'3/8" x 20'9021180 Tons110,000 lbs
AS625-65/8" x 6'7/16" x 6'130775 Tons28,000 lbs
AS625-85/8" x 8'7/16" x 8'130990 Tons32,000 lbs
AS625-105/8" x 10'7/16" x10'13011105 Tons36,000 lbs
AS625-125/8" x 12'7/16" x 12'13013125 Tons52,000 lbs
AS625-145/8" x 14'7/16" x 14'13015140 Tons66,000 lbs
AS625-165/8" x 16'7/16" x 16'13017160 Tons85,000 lbs
AS625-205/8" x 20'7/16" x 20'13021180 Tons125,000 lbs
AS750-63/4" x 6'1/2" x 6'180788 Tons30,000 lbs
AS750-83/4" x 8'1/2" x 8'1809125 Tons38,000 lbs
AS750-103/4" x 10'1/2" x 10'18011140 Tons44,000 lbs
AS750-123/4" x 12'1/2" x 12'18013160 Tons52,000 lbs
AS750-143/4" x 14'1/2" x 14'18015180 Tons80,000 lbs
AS750-163/4" x 16'1/2" x 16'18017205 Tons90,000 lbs
AS750-203/4" x 20'1/2" x 20'18021250 Tons145,000 lbs
AS1000-61" x 6'3/4" x 6'2757125 Tons47,000 lbs
AS1000-81" x 8'3/4" x 8'2759140 Tons53,000 lbs
AS1000-101" x 10'3/4" x 10'27511165 Tons64,000 lbs
AS1000-121" x 12'3/4" x 12'27513195 Tons74,000 lbs
AS1000-141" x 14'3/4" x 14'27515400 Tons120,000 lbs
AS1000-161" x 16'3/4" x 16'27517450 Tons130,000 lbs
AS1000-201" x 20'3/4" x 20'27521500 Tons170,000 lbs
AS1250-101 1/4" x 10'7/8" x 10'35011330 Tons79,000 lbs
AS1500-101.5" x 10'1" x 10'47511340 Tons110,000 lbs