Niigata HN50E-5X

HN50E-5X 5-Axis Horizontal Machining Center (5-Axis HMC)

  • This 5-axis horizontal machining center features a rigid machine body.
  • Machine base of HN63E – a rigid boxway machine with excellent stability and great damping characteristics.
  • High torque spindle.
  • Rigid trunnion table for low frequency machining.
  • High load roller BRG and double-lead worm gear for A and B axes, high torque drive.
  • Perfect for machining titanium and other hard machining materials.
  • A variety of 5-axis machining support software.
Specifications itemITEMHN50E-5X
TRAVEL & WORK CAPACITYX axis travel (longitudinal table)800 mm31.5"
Y axis travel (vertical head)930 mm36.6"
Z axis travel (column in & out)830 mm32.7"
A axis travel (trunnion rotation)10˚ (10˚ ~ -100˚)10˚ (10˚ ~ -100˚)
B axis travel (pallet rotation)360˚360˚
Max Work / Swing Diameter750 mm29.5"
Max Work / Height700 mm27.6"
TABLETable working surface500 x 500 mm19.7" x 19.7"
Table increments1° [0.001°]1° [0.001°]
Maximum mass on pallet600 kg1320 lbs
SPINDLESpindle speeds6000 min-16000 rpm
Spindle speeds (OP)12000 min-112000 rpm
Spindle taperCAT 50CAT 50
FEEDRATERapid traverse X axis30 m/min1181 ipm
Rapid traverse Y axis30 m/min1181 ipm
Rapid traverse Z axis30 m/min1181 ipm
Rapid traverse A axis8 min8 rpm
Rapid traverse B axis20 min20 rpm
AUTOMATIC TOOL CHANGER (ATC)Tool magazine capacity62 [88/128/175/255/383] Chain [126/178/230/308] Matrix62 [88/128/175/255/383] Chain [126/178/230/308] Matrix
GENERALMachine weight approx.19700 kg43431 lbs
ControlFanuc 30iM (31iM)Fanuc 30iM (31iM)