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Smart & Easy
  • Plentiful cutting technologies、Friendly interface、Remote、Conventient feature.
High Speed reliable AWT
  • High speed reliable AWT、 Threading in the slot、Threading under water、 Reduce human resource cost when machining multi modles.
Enhance Machining Performance
  • DPM Module、Discharging Stabilizer、New strategy for corner control、Manual radius size machining、Reduce wire marks from approach cutting、New micron finish circuit.
Power Saving and Low Cost Operation
  • Intelligent power management、Compensation of wire consumption、Easy to maintain and reduce cost for service.
Max. work piece size (mm)
850 x 600 x 255
Max. work piece weight (kg)600
Travel of X/Y axes (mm)500 x 300
Travel of U/V axes (mm)120 x 120
Travel of Z axis (mm)260 mm
(Submerged height 220 mm)
Wire diameter (mm)0.15 ~ 0.3
Number of axes controlled5 Axis AC servo motor
Maximum taper angle
±26°/ 100mm with wide diamond guide and nozzle
Machine size (mm)2215 x 2480 x 2205
Machine weight (kg)3500
Water tank capacity (L)750