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• Rigid U, V truss design

• Stainless steel work table with hardness HRC 50°.

• High response AC servo motor for guaranteed accuracy

• Extra wide machine base.

• Water Cooled lower arm prevents thermal expansion caused by heat buildup. Therefore, the accuracy will be improved.

• To ensure thremal balance, RIB location is designed by finite element analysis (FEA)assuring and optimized rigid structure.

• Precision is achieved through Extended distance between linear guide ways; Cryogenic treatment of C1 class ball screw; Supported by two sides and a high resolution AC servomotor. Theses outstanding features boost accuracy in micro step amounts up to 1 µm.

• Laser calibration, pitch error compensation.

• Closed loop linear scale (Option).

• A rugged case iron machine structure is the foundation of precision.

V1060 - Z350 / Z500
Max. work piece size (mm)
1500 x 1000 x 345 (495)
Wire diameter (mm)0.2 - 0.33
Max. work piece weight (kg)3000
Number of axes controlled5 Axis AC servo motor
Table travel of X Y (mm)1000 x 600
Maximum taper angle
±30°/ 100mm with wide diamond guide and nozzle
U & V axis travel (mm)160 x 160 (260 x 260)
Machine size (mm)3460 x 3260 x 2310 (Z350)
4210 x 3260 x 2390 (Z500)
Z axis travel (mm)350 x 500
Machine weight (kg)V1060 - Z350 / Z500 :
7300 / 7650
Water tank capacity (L)V1060 - Z350 / Z500 :
1800 / 2500

* Travel of Z axis (Option): 500 mm(Submerged height 500 mm)