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Chevalier FSG SP Manual Series

These models have all the features of the Chevalier M Series Grinders but with heavier and more rigid construction.

Table Size6" x 12" (152x330mm6" x 18" (152x480mm)8" x 18" (203x480mm)
Max Grinding Length - Longitudinal14" (355mm)20" (500mm)20" (500mm)
Maximum Grinding Width — Crosswise8" (203mm)8" (203mm)9" (230mm)
Max Distance fr Table Surface to Centerline20" (500mm)20" (500mm)20" (500mm)
Cross Transverse: Handwheel per rev.0.200" (5mm)0.200" (5mm)0.200" (5mm)
Handwheel per grad.0.001" (0.02mm)0.001" (0.02mm)0.001" (0.02mm)
Micro feed per grad.0.000050"(0.001mm) opt0.000050"(0.001mm) opt0.000050"(0.001mm) opt
Wheelhead vert infeed: Handwheel per rev0.5" (1mm)0.5" (1mm)0.5" (1mm)
Handwheel per grad0.0001" (0.005mm)0.0001" (0.005mm)0.0001" (0.005mm)
Micro feed per grad0.000050" (0.001mm)0.000050" (0.001mm)0.000050" (0.001mm)
Spindle Drive Speed60Hz/3450rpm; 50Hz/2850rpm60Hz/3450rpm; 50Hz/2850rpm60Hz/3450rpm; 50Hz/2850rpm
Spindle Power Rating2HP2HP2HP
Spindle Drive Diameter8" (203mm)8" (203mm)8" (203mm)
Std Wheel Width1/2", max 1" (optional)1/2", max 1" (optional)1/2", max 1" (optional)
Std Wheel Bore1 1/4" (31.75mm)1 1/4" (31.75mm)1 1/4" (31.75mm)