• 30° One-piece Slanted Bed Design: Extends the space for chips removal.
  • Highly Rigid Bridge Type Base:Effectively absorbs vibration and reduces structural deformation.
  • Enlarged Box Guideway Width:The oversized guideways are treated through induction hardening process and precision ground to achieve optimal rigidity, accuracy, and longevity.
  • Fast & Reliable Motorized Turret:Servo-driven design achieves fast tool changing time and reliable indexing.
  • The built-in spindle design alleviates tension, slip and vibration generated by traditional belt-driven spindle design. With large diameter bearing, it greatly improves rigidity.
  • The built-in spindle is circulated cooled and controls temperature growth with oil cooling system, so as to reduce thermal deformation and improve spindle speed.
  • The spindle utilizes large diameter bearing that improves rigidity. Combining bearing characteristics and radial, axial and synthetic loads that ensures the spindle perform high precision turning and heavy duty cutting at low speed.
  • C-axis index: 0.001°.
  • Y plus C-axis integrates mill/turn process and fulfills numerous complex requirements which can do more than general lathes.
  • Direct drive motors on X/Y/Z/B-axis reduce backlash and vibration problems and achieve accurate positioning.
  • 12 tools capacity. All stations are available for live tools.
  • The radial power turret combines turning and milling capacities that reduces turret interference.
  • The turrets are servo motor driven with hydraulic clamping design for saving tool change time.
  • With highly accurate big diameter coupling, the higher positioning accuracy and repeatability accuracy they will be.
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