The extensive Johnford DMC series of 27 moving-table bridge mills provides a comprehensive selection of machine sizes and capabilities.

Machine X-Y-Z travels range from 36″ x 36″ x 30″ (3455 mm x 3455 mm x 760 mm) to 196″ x 157″ x 32/42″ (4978 mm x 3989 mm x 812/1067 mm), with W-axis travel optional on the largest machines. Spindle tapers include CT-40 (HSK-63) and CT-50 (HSK 100). Spindle power, depending on the machine, ranges from 15 hp to 35 hp.

Most models have one-piece column and bridge castings. Massive Z-axis heads and Y-axis saddles feature square box ways coated with Turcite and have diagonally arranged ribs engineered to minimize distortion than can result long-time heavy duty service. The X-axis table traverse is accomplished via heavy duty Schneeberger roller linear ways for accurate positioning of heavy work pieces. Large diameter, pretensioned ballscrews and powerful servo motors also aid positioning accuracy.

Ergonomics are designed to facilitate easy loading and unloading. Twin screw-type conveyors plus a caterpillar conveyor ensure complete chip removal with little manual cleaning.

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