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Chevalier Smart Series

The SMART-III Series is capable of producing “mirror” finishes on highly accurate workpieces, which produce microfinishes of 5 RMS or better. The positioning accuracy 0.00015″ to 0.00023″ and the repeatability is 0.00012″ to 0.00023″. The SMART-III’s movements are programmable in increments of 0.0001″.

Table Size8" x 18"
Max Grinding Length Longitudinal18"
Max Grinding Width Crosswise8"
Max Distance from Table Surface to Spindle Center-line17.5"
Longitudinal Travel, Hydraulic19.3"
Maximum Travel, Manual19.6"
Table Speed, infinitely variable0.065-82fpm
Rapid travel, approx. 0-10fpm
Least Input Increment0.0001"
Rapid Travel0-10fpm
Least Input Increment0.0001"
Spindle Speed7,000rpm
Spindle Power Rating4HP
Positioning Accuracy0.0001"
Floor Space80.9" x 82.4" x 82.7"


Table Size12"x24"16"x40"
Max Dist Fr Table to Spindle Center Line24 3/4"24 3/4"
Max Travel Longitudinal27 1/2"43 1/4"
Max Travel Crossfeed14 5/8"18"
Std. Magnetic Chuck Size11 3/4"x23 5/8"15 3/4"x39 3/8"
Table Speed (Ballscrew)0.032-49fpm0.032-49fpm
Table Speed (Hydraulic)16-82fpm16-82fpm
Grinding Wheel 14"x2"x5"14"x2"x5"
Rapid Travel0-10fpm0-10fpm
Standard Grinding Wheel (Diameter/Width.Bore)14"x2"x5"14"x2"x5"
Total Maximum Load 923lbs1473lbs
Floor Space109"x105"x82"153"x113"x82"


Table Size24"  x 40"24" x 60"24" x 80"
Max Grinding Length Longitudinal40"60"80"
Max Grinding Width Crosswise24"24"24"
Max Dist from Table to Spindle Centerline33.5"33.5"33.5"
Table Speed, infinitely variable10-82fpm10-82fpm16-82fpm
Cross Transverse Rapid Travel 0-16fpm  0-16fpm   0-16fpm  
Wheelhead Vertical Infeed:Rapid Travel0-19.7ipm0-19.7ipm 0-19.7ipm 
Positioning Accuracy-0.00032-0.00032-0.00032
Standard Grinding Wheel (Dia x width x bore)16"x3"x5"16"x3"x5"16"x3"x5
Rated Power, approx25HP opt 35HP25HP opt 35HP 32HP
Spindle Speed1400rpm 50hz; 1700rpm 60hz 1400rpm 50hz; 1700rpm 60hz1400rpm 50hz; 1700rpm 60hz
Floor Space Requirement158"x157"x128"197"x157"x128"244"x157"x128"